Live Collaboration with Google Meet & Jamboard

With new features added to Google Meet, teachers can now engage in a live, collaborative math or science lesson using the new Whiteboard feature afforded by Jamboard. Take a look at the video below to learn more, and follow the tips afterward for best practices:

Adding a Whiteboard to your Meeting

To add a Jamboard whiteboard to your Google Meeting:

  1. Click the more menu (three dots at the bottom right of your Google Meet)
  2. Choose Whiteboard
  3. Change access settings (view or edit)
  4. Click Send

Add an iPad or other Tablet

Since Google Meet and Jamboard are available for iOS and Android, you can add a tablet and stylus to make your lesson more engaging. Use the links below to find the app for your tablet:

Google Meet for iOS

Google Meet for Android

Jamboard for iOS

Jamboard for Android

Preparing Your Environment

Before using Jamboard and Google Meet in your school or district, make sure both apps are enabled for use by your Google Administrator:

Enable Jamboard

Enable Google Meet


  1. When students are interacting on a Jam (i.e. each student typing on a sticky note), do the sticky notes start piling up on each other, or are they only seeing their own sticky note while typing?


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