Praise for the Techy Coach! See what people are saying about their experiences in workshops with Shawn!

“I learned so much! thank you !!!”

~Jennifer M., Anderson School

“Many teachable moments!”

~Kim C., Sapulpa

“I think your presentations are helpful and on point. Thank you so much!”

~Jaime D., Allen-Bowden

“I learned so much about Google classroom and am excited to use it!”

~Rebekah E., Cleveland

“The whole idea of Google Classroom was new to me, so this was extremely helpful. I thought the presenter did a great job. “

~Cynthia D., Cleveland

“I now have a better understanding of how to collaborate on a project.”

~Michelle J., Eufaula

“I learned there are many more things I can do with Google than I thought. Looking forward to making use of forms…”

~Robin V., Eufaula

“He did great! I will be switching over from many Microsoft programs to google programs. “

~Cameron B., Eufaula

“I enjoyed learning how easy Google Drive is to use and the ease of sharing information with other teachers through Google.”

~Kandi M., Claremore