Google Classroom meets Google Meet

Very soon, Google will be rolling out a feature that adds Google Meet to your Google Classroom Classwork page. This video discusses this option, as well as how to create and use a nicknamed Google Meet.

To set up Google Meet for your course:

  1. Enter your course
  2. Click the Gear
  3. In the General Section, look for Google Meet
  4. Click to create a Meet link
  5. This will automatically enable the “Link Visible to Students” toggle
  6. Save Settings

From there forward, Google Meet will appear as an option on the Classwork page. Students will only be able to enter the meeting if you start it first. They will not be able to initiate a meeting on their own. See the Google support page for more information.


  1. If I want have student conferences using Google Meet Conference link (kids sign up for a time), can I lock the meeting once the student is in? Or if link is visible in Classroom and I am in meeting can any student join. Trying not to send out 25 meeting codes. Thanks!


    • With the link that is available in the classroom, any student can join as long as you start the meeting. However you cannot keep students in that class from joining after you have started the meeting.


  2. I have six classes. If I create the Meet code within Google Classroom, can I force them all to have the same code, so that students from any class can join my meeting?


    • Unfortunately, no. It creates a different code for each class. If you want them all to join at once, follow the instructions at the first part of the video to create a meeting using a nickname.


    • That’s what I was afraid of. Thanks for the quick reply!


    • Yes. In a way. You have to change your theme. But you a limited to 6 themes, and each theme has limited fonts to choose from. Look at the top right of your site editor and choose themes to get started.


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