Use A Google Sites Banner to Promote Your Message

Google Sites recently released a new feature to Google Sites that will help users promote messages about their brand or content. That feature is an Announcement Banner. This feature can be great if you have something new to share and want to grab the reader’s attention, or if you have an important message to post that all readers need to be aware of, which can be great for teachers or school systems using Google Sites as their district webpage. Watch the video below to learn about this feature, or scroll down to learn how to set up your banner using the steps shown.

Learn about the Google Sites Banner

To set up your Banner:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Open your Google Site
  3. Once the editor page opens, click the Gear at the top right
  4. At the bottom of the settings menu, choose Announcement Banner
  5. Click the Toggle Switch for Show Banner to enable your announcement
  6. Enter a message
  7. Add a Button Label and Link (you can use an external link or link to a page in your site)
  8. Choose whether to Open in New Tab
    1. Suggestion: Link to a new tab for external sites, uncheck this option if linking to a page within your site
  9. Close the window and your banner will appear at the top of your page

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