Google Classroom meets Google Meet

Very soon, Google will be rolling out a feature that adds Google Meet to your Google Classroom Classwork page. This video discusses this option, as well as how to create and use a nicknamed Google Meet.

To set up Google Meet for your course:

  1. Enter your course
  2. Click the Gear
  3. In the General Section, look for Google Meet
  4. Click to create a Meet link
  5. This will automatically enable the “Link Visible to Students” toggle
  6. Save Settings

From there forward, Google Meet will appear as an option on the Classwork page. Students will only be able to enter the meeting if you start it first. They will not be able to initiate a meeting on their own. See the Google support page for more information.


    • You can actually create a Google Meet from Google Calendar. But if you’re using your Meet link from Google Classroom, you can create an event in calendar and add your Meet link to the Event notes.


  1. Hi. Thanks for the video. Very helpful. But my students can’t see the Meet icon on their classroom. Is there a special admin setting required or do I just need to be patient and wait for the icon to appear on students accounts ?
    Many thanks.


    • Go to the Settings Icon on your Google Classroom course. check the settings to see if Meet is enabled for your domain. If it is, you should see a toggle switch allowing you to turn on Meet for your course. This setting must be applied to each course you teach. If you do not see the toggle switch in settings, it is not yet available for your domain or your domain administrator has not enabled it yet. Check with your Google Admin.


  2. Hi, Thanks for this very helpful video, which addressed an important security concern we’ve been discussing!

    I have a question, though. I know how to create a specifically named Meet through Google Meet (as you show in your video), and I know how to create a randomly named Meet through Classroom or Calendar, but those three methods seem to all create separate Meets. Is there a way to sync these three systems so that I can have a specifically named Meet that exists in all three places with the same code?


    • There is not a way to sync all three meetings. Your best bet is to either create a nicknamed meeting or use the meet link through classroom, and then supply the information to students via a Google Calendar event.


  3. I have a teacher using Google Meets through Classroom. She said when she started the meeting there were already students in the Meet chatting. I thought students couldn’t do this?


    • Here is Google’s latest support article on this issue.
      Your Google Admin will need to make sure that students do not have the ability to initiate a call/meeting. If this setting is already in place, I would suggest submitting a ticket to Google Support to verify why this is happening. Keep in mind that these are new features that Google is rolling out as a response to distance learning worldwide, and may take some time to fully implement with all security protocols.


  4. Do you recommend sending an email as the invitation to tell students when the Meet is? Or is there another way to invite them while still using the Meet on Google Classroom?


    • I would suggest creating an assignment (with no grade) in Google Classroom. Designate a time when you want students to join the meeting and provide the meeting Code from your classroom. Then, 5 minutes before the meeting, you will need to join so students can enter at the time of the meeting. At the end, make sure all students have left the meeting, and then close the meeting. Using the nicknamed meeting, students cannot start the meeting without you.


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