Using Google Meet for Virtual Learning

If you’re trying to figure out the best way to deliver classroom instruction virtually, one option is Google Meet. This video conferencing tool from Google allows users to conduct a live webinar, present material from your screen, provide captions for participants, and even record your event (must be enabled for your domain by a Google Administrator in your district).

To learn more about this tool, watch the video below and then see the tips that follow:


~ You can create a Google Meet video meeting by going to or by creating a calendar event on Google Calendar. In Google Calendar, there is an option to Add Conferencing.

~ Enable captions so your participants can see what you are saying. This helps in the event that there are audio issues on the other end.

~ Record your meeting. If this option does not appear, check with your Google Administrator. Also, make sure that all participants are aware that you are recording your event. Get started by clicking the More menu (three dots) and then choose Start Recording. When finished, click Stop Recording in the More menu.

~ Don’t just be a talking head! Use Present Screen to show a Google Slide show or other content so your users can gain more understanding about your discussion. If it is a meeting, share agendas on the screen.


~ To prevent students from re-joining the stream after it is over, create a LIVE STREAM event (requires enterprise access, which Google is lifting for the duration of the pandemic). Once enabled, here is how to set up a LIVE STREAM:

  1. Open Google Calendar
  2. Create a new event
  3. Click More Options
  4. Invite members who need to have chat access (co-teachers, administrators)
  5. Click Add Conferencing > Hangouts Meet
  6. click the Dropdown menu for Hangouts Meet
  7. Choose Add Live Stream
  8. You will be given a link you can share with students on Google Classroom
    1. This link will only allow view / stream access.
    2. They will not be able to rejoin after the streaming session is over

9. Save your calendar event and share your LIVE STREAM link on Google Classroom

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