Get Your Google Drive Cheat Sheet for Spring 2020!

If you are new to Google Drive and need some direction, never fear! The Techy Coach GSuite Cheat Sheet is here! Download your copy and get a bird’s eye view of how to navigate Google Drive, plus get links to playlists of tutorials on everything from Docs, Sheets & Slides to Google Sites. See below or grab the link for your copy here!


  1. What are the differences between using Google hangouts and Zoom for distant learning purposes?



    • Hangouts was originally a chat service available through gmail (still is) that could also be used for video calls. Google Meet was Google’s response to the larger need for video conferencing. It can be used for meetings up to 250 people.


  2. How can I record my voice in audio while in Google docs? Can I copy and paste from google slides to Powerpoint?

    Thank you.


    • The insert audio feature only allows you to insert a file that you upload. You can’t actually record your voice. You would need to find a third-party tool that allows you to record. Audacity is a free tool that you can get. You just need a microphone.


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