Awesome Updates to Google Forms

Summer has passed the halfway point, and it is getting closer to the start of another school year!  As teachers gear up for the year, Google has made some updates to Google Forms.  Here are a few new updates, as well as reminders of past updates that will be helpful as you start the new year.

Suggested Answers

Remember that Google Forms has the ability to suggest answers for questions you type.  As you type your question, if you want to use any of the options suggested, just click and it will be added as a multiple choice option.  Want all the options?  Just click Add All.

Suggested answers

Grade Multiple Choice Grid Questions

Many teachers in the past have asked me if Google Forms has a matching question type.  They don’t actually have one, but the closest relative is the Multiple Choice Grid.  Additionally, Google has added the Multiple Choice Grid to the list of Quiz Questions that can be graded.

multiple choice grid


Link to a Video for Feedback in Student Quizzes

Need to leave feedback when students click a wrong answer?  Guess what – you can!  This is not a new feature, though.  What IS new, is that you can now add a video as part of your feedback.  So if you need to explain why a student clicked the wrong answer for a quiz question, use a video instead of posting a lengthy paragraph explanation.  Students can then bookmark or add the video to a YouTube playlist.

Adding Video as Feedback to a Quiz Question

feedback to question

Adding Video Feedback to an Individual Quiz Response

Individual Feedback

Running Tally of Total Points

Don’t forget – recently Google also gave Forms Users the ability to view a running tally of total points as quizzes are being created.  If you missed this, check out my previous post ~ Calculating Total Points in Google Forms.

Also, look for more updates for Google Forms users, as Google adds a Locked Mode to Google Classroom for the Fall….  Stay Tuned!


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