Coming Soon to a Google Classroom Near You!

New Google Classroom UpdatesIf you missed it, Google announced, by way of a pop-up message, a few new changes that teachers will soon be able to access in Google Classroom.  Of those expected changes, teachers will see:

  • The Classwork Page – Teachers will be able to create and prepare assignments in a Classwork Page – a new way to organize assignments and questions outside of the Classroom Stream.  Assignments can be organized into modules and units in the classwork page.  Find the Classwork Page as part of the new menu at the top of Google Classroom in the Fall.
  • An Improved Stream – The stream will be more compact, and will serve as an avenue for conversation, announcements, posts and questions.
  • The People Page – Parents, students and co-teachers can all be managed from one place.
  • LOCKED QUIZZES! – This is the one we’ve been waiting for!  With locked quizzes, teachers will have the ability to lock a quiz so that the Chromebook screen prevents students from navigating to another tab or browser during a test.  This means fewer instances of cheating, and more focus on the assessment!
From “The Google Blog” – 

As stated in their Google Blog post, these changes will come to teacher accounts sometime in the Fall.  But you can try out these changes sooner by signing up for Early Access.

More information can be found at 


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