New Design Options for Google Forms!

customize theme pane 2
New Customize Theme pane in Google Forms

Earlier this week, Google released a few new updates to Google Forms that makes designing your Form a little more fun.  You’ll notice the changes, when you click on the Customize Theme icon. palette icon

Once you open the Customize Themes icon, you will see the Theme Options pane at right.

Header Options

As always, you can click on the Header Options section, and add a Banner Image to the top of your form.  Just click Choose Image,  and either choose one of many images available from Google Forms, or upload your own.

Once you’ve selected an image, you’ll notice that you can also alter the Background Color of your Google Form to one of 4 shades based on the color scheme of your header.  See below:

Customize Theme

Theme Color

Likewise, if you choose a color instead of a banner image, your background color options will appear as varying shades of your color choice.

color selection


Font Style

And for one of the best new options, you can now choose from one of four font styles for your form:

  • Basic
  • Decorative
  • Formal
  • Playful

Just click the dropdown menu from the Font Style category, and select an option.

Font style


  1. What is a good resolution of uploaded image as a theme? Cannot find it even on google support page.


    • Typically 800 x 200 is a standard for Google Forms and Google Sites. I usually set up a Google Drawing in that format and save it as a PNG, then upload to Forms.


  2. I need this new feature, but my forms is still reverting to the old color palette option. How do I make my version of forms update?


    • Are you using an educational account with Google, or a consumer (gmail) account? If using a school account, it may take time to propagate, depending on the settings your Google Admin has setup.


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