How to Make Hoppin’ Slides with Google

Need something different for your slide presentations that hops off the screen?  Then use these tools recently released by Google for formatting text, images, and shapes.  To use these tools, just add any image, text box or shape to your slide.  Select or click on your item and then choose Format Options.  When the pane on the right side of the editor opens choose Size & Position.

Format options

For images, you can lock the ratio, and then alter the image size by specifying width or height, while maintaining ratio.

lock ratio

In addition, you can also flip any image horizontally or vertically, and rotate objects if they are out of sorts when you add them to your slide.


Need to treat text a little differently? Users can indent or pad text by paragraph or line


Need a quick fix for a slide?  Don’t use a theme.  Use the Explore Tool instead.  After adding your text and graphics, navigate the the bottom right of your slide, and click Explore.  Google Slides will suggest layouts and color based on the items on your slide.  Just choose the best one for your slide.


Test these features out on your slides, as well as these other slides features, if you missed them.




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