Tutorial Showcase: Google Maps

Currently, I am in the process of updating my webpage.  As I go through that process, I’ll be highlighting video tutorial pages that cover different Google Tools.  Today, we’ll focus on Google Maps.  If you haven’t used Google Maps in a while, you might be surprised by all the things you can do with Maps.  Check out these tutorial videos and sample maps from the Google Maps page.

With Google Maps you can:

  • Create your own plot points
  • Integrate Data from a Google Sheet
  • Create Exploratory Activities
  • Insert Images and Video

Maps and Sheets

You can easily integrate data from a Google Sheet into a Google Map.  View the sample maps I made below or watch one of the tutorials.    MyMaps can be used in Geography, Literature or History to show locations and events in a story or lesson.

Google My Maps Now Integrated into Google Drive

Make Your Own Google Map using Sheet Data

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