Get Kids Interested in Coding with Google CS First

For all the technology coaches out there who have a hard time finding coding curriculum for students, Google has answered your prayers.  Google CS First is a free online program that can be completed as an after school, in school, or summer school program. It operates through clubs that are setup by volunteer educators and through free curriculum that employs Scratch to teach students the fundamentals of coding.

Originally developed for students in grades 4-8, the curriculum is designed so that everyone from the most experienced tech geek to the inexperienced newbie can make it work.  All curriculum materials are provided for free – Yes I said FREE! – and additional support print materials can be shipped and provided at no cost. 

Teachers interested in starting a Google CS First Club can get started by following this link.   As I said, no experience is necessary.  You just need a desire to teach and time on your hands to provide training.  

If you are curious about the materials, you can preview them through the Google CS First website.  Topics include:

  • Art
  • Fashion & Design
  • Social Media
  • Sports
  • Game Design
  • Animation and More…
Additional Training Materials and a Getting Started video are available on the Google CS Website.  

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