Raise the Bar on Communication with Google Classroom and Google Calendar

One of the great features of Google Classroom is that teachers can assign work using documents created in Google Drive and Students can easily turn in work without the headache involved with sharing to multiple users.  But many teachers relate the frustration of not being able to share their Stream with parents so they can keep up with what is going on in Google Classroom.  Apart from giving parents their students’ passwords, for a long time, there was no good solution for communicating that information.  
But several months ago, Classroom was updated to include the creation of a Google Calendar with each new course that is created.  If you have not taken advantage of this feature, you simply must.  Having a Calendar for the course creates that avenue of communication with parents so many teachers need and want.  
Dig in to this tutorial to learn how you can take advantage of the features in Google Calendar to communicate due dates, projects, and announcements to the parents of your students.

This video tutorial covers:

  • How to access  your Google Classroom Calendar
  • How to share your Calendar with parents
  • How to post your Class Calendar on Google Sites

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