#edcamp918 Session Notes – Productivity with Google Forms

Today, I led a session at #edcamp918 on Productivity with Google Forms. These are the notes from that session.

Video Tutorials Available at http://www.techycoach.com/google-tutorials

  • Assessments and Grading – Flubaroo -This AddOn for Google Sheets allows you to grade a spreadsheet of answers from a Google Forms Quiz.  Watch this tutorial –

  • MadLibs & Google Forms – Autocrat is a great addon for Google Sheets (using the response sheet for a google form).  This tool will merge responses from a Google Form with any Google Doc containing merge tags (<>).  This allows for a wide range of applications including MadLibs! – Watch this tutorial-

  • But seriously, you can also use Autocrat for other purposes such as enrollment forms, club information, etc… – Watch this tutorial –   

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