3 Must Have New Features of Google Meet

Recently Google added 3 new features to Google Meet for Google for Education users. These features are sure to change the game for teachers who are using Google Meet for Distance Learning. Check the list out below, as well as the tutorial video that follows!

To use these new features, open a Google Meet (http://meet.google.com, Google Calendar video conference, or Gmail) and then click on the Activities icon at the top right of your meeting:

Breakout Rooms – This new feature allows users to create breakout rooms during a Google Meet. Great for workshops or classes where students may be working together in groups for projects.

Q&A – Use this feature instead of Chat to allow students the ability to ask questions or upvote questions. Facilitators/Teachers have greater control over the conversation with this tool

Polls – Use this tool to ask a poll or survey question during a meeting.

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