Add Custom Captions to your Google Slides Presentation

Do you often present to large crowds, where it is difficult for attendees to hear you?  Do you have students who are hard of hearing in your classroom?  Google Slides now has caption tools that can be used during presentations to help accommodate these needs.  PLUS – you can now alter the placement and font size of your captions.

Captions work best when presenting from a device with a built-in microphone, such as a Chromebook.  Watch this quick tutorial to learn how to use the Caption tool or see instructions below.

How to set up Captions:

  1.  From  your Google Slides presentation, click Present
  2. Once in presentation mode, move your mouse to the bottom left
  3. In the presentation toolbar, select Captions
  4. To change the placement or font size of your captions, use the drop-down menu

For more information, visit the Google Support page for this feature.

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