Hint of New Google Classroom Features!

If you logged into Google Classroom this week and noticed something new, you were right!  Recently, Google Classroom gave users  hints that a new feature called Quiz Assignment is now available.  This feature allows users to create a Google Forms quiz from inside Classroom.

Create A Quiz Assignment

Create A Quiz Assignment

To use this new feature:

  1.  Open a course in Google Classroom
  2.  Click the Classwork Page
  3.  Choose Create.
  4. Select Quiz Assignment

When you choose Quiz Assignment, Google Classroom creates an assignment, with a pre-created Blank Quiz.  All quiz settings will be pre-set and ready to go when you select this assignment type.  Still, you may want to open the quiz after it has been created to fine tune the quiz features to your liking.

Edit Quiz Features

Additionally, since this is a Form used as a Quiz, the Import Scores has already been switched on.  So as soon as your students have completed your quiz, you can import scores.

Beta Test New Google Classroom Features

This new appearance of the Quiz Assignment also means that Google is getting closer to adding some much awaited new features.  Specifically, Locked Mode Quizzes and a Google Classroom Gradebook.  The Locked Mode for Quizzes will work on Chromebooks, which is a big help to teachers administering quizzes in a 1:1 environment.

locked mode quizzes
Image by Google Support

If your district is interested in signing up for the Beta Program for these new features, use this form to express interest.  Testing will take place this month.

Once the new features of Google Classroom are ready for prime time, check back to the Techy Coach for a full tutorial on how to use the Locked Quiz Mode.


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