Capture Student Attention with the Caption Tool in Google Slides

Do you often find that kids in the back of classroom can’t hear you?  Do you often repeat yourself during instruction?  Or maybe you are presenting to a large crowd, and have a need for a way to caption your comments?  Well look no further than Google Slides.

Recently Google added a feature to the presentation mode of Google Slides that allows teachers to caption their comments during a presentation in real-time.

Caption Tool

To use the Caption Tool:

  1.  Click on Present in your Google Slide slides
  2. While your slide show is running, navigate to the floating toolbar at the bottom of the screen.Caption Step 2
  3. Click the Captions tool.  Your microphone will pick up anything you say and display your words at the bottom of the screen.caption step 3

If you don’t have a microphone on your computer, there are several inexpensive options available to buy on Amazon.  But if you are a Chromebook user, remember you have a built-in microphone, so why not take advantage of it!



  1. Thanks for this great resource! Even took the time to look at some of the other things you can do with Google Slides (there are so many!).

    Are you able to punctuate using this tool? I tried saying “period” for the end of a sentence but it only recorded the word period.

    Again, thanks.
    Kim Thomas


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