Increase Student Engagement with GSuite

Increasing Student EngagementIn talking with many teachers regarding GSuite, one thing they ask is if there is a way to upload documents they currently pass out in class, to their drive.  While the mindset of GSuite for Education (GSFE) is to shift away from seat work, there is something to be said about written expression and showing your work.

This article will outline three ways to make this happen using Google Classroom, Google Docs and Google Drawings.  Using these tools, teachers can assign Docs with a place for students to view/read/reflect on content, and leave feedback/answers.  Teachers can also use Google Drawings in Math class, for instance, to show work.  And finally the Google Classroom app for iPhone and Android allows students to up their game in terms of submitting work.  Read on to see how these can work for you!

Google Docs

If you’ve ever heard of Hyperdocs, this example is a little twist on that idea.  (If you’ve never heard of Hyperdocs, look here!)  The idea is to provide students the content and links they need to learn/explore and then provide a place for them to provide answers.  Check out this slide deck for tips:

Google Drawings can be used to create interactive activities similar to Refrigerator Magnets, and can also be used to depict maps for Social Studies activities.  Want a flipped classroom lesson?  Create a launch pad for learning!  Watch this slide deck for more information:

Google Classroom

Finally, with Google Classroom, one of the things I like most is that students can get a decent  “LMS experience” without the expensive cost to the district.  But when you add  the Google Classroom mobile app to the mix, students can expand learning outside of the walls of the classroom by taking snapshots of  outdoor specimens for science, metaphorical representations for English, or step by step procedures for working out a math problem.  Just tell your students to install the app.  Here are the links for iOS and Android.  See how it works here.



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