Snap a Photo and Upload to Google Classroom

Sometimes when your students are working in class, it becomes necessary for them to provide visual documentation of a lab or project.  The Google Classroom Mobile App allow students to upload a photo from their phone or tablet right inside the app.  Watch this quick (and boy do I mean fast) video to see how it is done:

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  1. […] Finally, with Google Classroom, one of the things I like most is that students can get a decent  “LMS experience” without the expensive cost to the district.  But when you add  the Google Classroom mobile app to the mix, students can expand learning outside of the walls of the classroom by taking snapshots of  outdoor specimens for science, metaphorical representations for English, or step by step procedures for working out a math problem.  Just tell your students to install the app.  Here are the links for iOS and Android.  See how it works here. […]


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