Google Forms: Auto-Submit Grades in Classroom

Very recently, Google released an update to Classroom allowing users of Google Forms to import grades from assessments.  This is a huge time-saver in terms of recording assessment scores when using Google Classroom in conjunction with your SIS or District Gradebook.  Very simply put, this means that once your students click submit, not only will Forms grade your assessment, but a button has been added allowing you to import those grades into Classroom in one click!

Need help creating a quiz using Google Forms?  Check this tutorial!

If you’d like to see it in action, create  a Google Form for use as a quiz.  Then add your Form to Google Classroom.

Add a quiz

Once your students have completed your quiz, return to Google Classroom.  Open your assignment and you’ll notice a new button has been added – IMPORT GRADES

import grades

Click Import Grades and all student grades for your quiz will be imported into Google Classroom, saving you a great deal of time in terms of entering scores.  The example below only shows one student submission, but imagine a quiz with 30+ responses!  Think of the time you’ll save recording grades!  What are your thoughts about this update to Classroom?  Leave your comments at the bottom of this article.

Oct 4 2017 9-22 PM - Edited.gif


  1. i am unable to view enable import grade or import grade for quiz in google classroom.


    • Check with your Google admin. It’s possible that that feature has not been enabled on your domain. Another question I might have is, are you using a personal Gmail account or a school Gmail account?


    • Importing scores is not a feature that is available to consumer Gmail accounts. It can only be used with GSuite for Education.


  2. I use Forms and Classroom all of the time. I’ve made sure that all of my Forms settings are correct (limited, collecting addresses, set as quiz…), but when I click the import grades button after my students have taken the quiz, it tells me 0 out of how ever many students have been imported successfully. It will not import those grades no matter what I try. I’ve shut down, logged out and back in, triple checked all settings. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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