Flipping for FlipGrid

Summer will be coming to a close soon, and like many teachers, you’ll be gearing up for back to school.  So to prepare, you are likely looking for that one awesome new tool to use with your students.

If you are looking for the perfect tool for… topLogo

  • Increased Engagement
  • The Flipped Classroom
  • Discussion
  • Professional Development
  • Faculty Connections

… you can’t go wrong with FlipGrid.  I tried FlipGrid last Spring as a PD tool and loved it.  I passed it on to a few teachers, and they found some great uses for it.

Help me get FlipGrid Certified!  Visit my grid and respond to this question about Google Tools! https://flipgrid.com/ac320e

If you haven’t heard of FlipGrid, it is a free online tool that allows you to create Grids for your class in which you can ask a video question to generate discussion.  Put your video on your grid and share the link to your grid with students.  Students can then respond to your question with a video of their own.

FlipGrid can be used in the classroom for:


  • Writing Prompts
  • Developing Verbal Expression
  • Generating Ideas
  • Creating Discussion
  • Sharing Ideas
  • Gathering Feedback
  • Exploring Learning Content


You can create your own FlipGrid by visiting https://info.flipgrid.com/. You get one free Grid to start and can create as many topics as you want.  Want more Grids?  You can upgrade your account.

Once you have setup your grid, you can share it to Facebook, Twitter or Google Classroom.  2017-07-22_10-41-14To share your grid, just go to  My Grids, click on the Grid you want to share, and click More Actions.  Then choose Share Grid.




Students can also access your Grid by a link you share with them or by 2017-07-22_10-35-47.gifusing the app for Apple and Android.  All they need is your Grid Code.





FlipGrid is a great tool if  you are planning to add more engagement to your classroom, or if you are engaging in a Flipped Classroom.  Whatever your needs, you’ve got to try this new tool!

If you are interested in getting FlipGrid certified, you can learn how by visiting http://blog.flipgrid.com/certified


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