Creating Activities with Google Drawings

As more and more districts make the move to a 1:1 environment, the ability to create enriching and engaging activities for students becomes more important.  While centers and pen and paper activities may still have their place, finding creative ways to mimic those activities in the digital platform, but still retain the positive aspects of those activities is also important.  Google Drawings is one way that teachers can address this issue.  Here are a few tips and tricks you can use in creating engaging activities with Google Drawings:

Map Activities

Add a map to your Google Drawing, along with key points related to the lesson.  For instance, with a Civil War map, you could ask students to drag and drop symbols onto the map for key battles in the war.  Or for younger students, create a states and capitals interactive map activity.  See the example below or click here to try:

Drag and Drop Activities

Besides map activities, Google Drawings can be used for several Drag and Drop Style lessons.  K-2 students may enjoy learning activities centered around the style of Drawings as they learn the basics of the seasons and the weather.  Try this sample Activity

Weather .png

Open Response

Math teachers may also use Google Drawings as a way for students to show work or respond in step by step procedures.

Math Work

Spelling Lists

Elementary teachers may also want to use Google Drawings as a guide for sight words or spelling lists.

How do you use Google Drawings in the Classroom?

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