Taming the Stream – Google Classroom

Sometimes as teachers and students, it can be frustrating to sift through the long stream that exists inside Google Classroom.  For instance, if you just want to go back and look at assignments you’ve turned in or review assignments you still need to complete, using the Stream is not as useful.

That is why Google Classroom as built in features to simplify your life and keep track of what’s due and when.

What’s Due?

At the top left of any class on Google Classroom, you’ll find a box that shows what’s due and when.  This will help students keep track of important assignments.  Need to see everything?  Just click View All and you’ll be given a window that allows you to differentiate between what you still have left “To Do” and what you’ve already “Done”.

The Calendar!

Also, if students have more than one class in Google Classroom, they can keep track of assignments by using the Calendar.  To access the calendar, just click the Menu Icon, and choose Calendar.  From there, they can view a single class, or all classes to see what’s due and when…

Teacher Tasks

If you’re a teacher, you can keep track of all of  your assignments – for multiple classes – and see who is and isn’t “Done” with work that has been assigned.  To do this, just click on the Menu icon, and choose Work.  You can even differentiate between work that you still have “To Review” and what has already been “Reviewed”.

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