Docs, Sheets & Slides – Sharing Student Presentations

This week, a question from a teacher asks:

“I have posted student presentations that they have made using Google Slides, but for a parent to view says they have to sign in with a Google Account.  Is there any way to do this so they don’t have to have a Google account to view these presentations?”

 This is a very common issue and can easily be resolved. The thing to keep in mind anytime you are posting Google documents on the web is to make sure you setup sharing rights properly.  

Before posting any items to the web:

  1. Click on the Share Button
  2. From the pop up menu, click Advanced.
  3. Under “Who has access” click Change
  4. Select “Anyone with the link”
  5. Under Access, select “Can View”
  6. Click Save & Done

After you have set your document up this way, you can post it to a website using an Embed Code or link by using the Publish to the Web option in the File Menu:

  1. click File
  2. Choose Publish to the Web.
  3. Click Publish
  4. Choose from a Link or the Embed (HTML) Code.

This is an easy way to share documents on the web – Docs, Sheets, or Slides – and a great way to present information to your audience.  

One key thing to remember when posting student work is that you secure permission from parents or guardians to publish student work on the web.  You might check with your principal regarding permission slips or a student contract requiring parent permission to share student work.  For example, a slip sent home similar to the following, would be a good way to get parent authorization:

Parents,  This school year, we will be using Google Apps for Education in the classroom.  Google Apps is a free suite of tools available to schools that includes Gmail, document creation, presentation tools, and other collaboration tools.  As part of that process, from time to time, we may have the opportunity to post student work on the web.  The school will work to make sure student work is shared in the safest way possible, but we want to make sure you are aware and that we have your permission to do so. No student grades will be posted.  As part of that, please sign and date this slip granting the school permission to post examples of your students’ work for your viewing.

Parent Signature _________________________________________ 

Of course many districts already have a technology or internet use agreement in place, as well as permission slips for use of Google Tools. If you do not already,  you may want to do so.

Happy Sharing!

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