Updated Google for Education Certified Trainer Program

For all of those Google Aficionados who have been sitting on the sidelines, its time to sit up and listen!

Google just announced the launch of the updated and improved Google for Education Certified Trainer Program!  

So if you are a classroom teacher, administrator, or instructional coach interested in providing Google support or training to other teachers, this is the program for you.  

The curriculum consists of 7 units of curriculum, covering these topics:

  • Influence Organizational Change
  • Design Professional Learning
  • Implement Best Coaching Practices
  • Planning for Engaging Training Sessions
  • Facilitate with Professionalism
  • Integrate Google Tools in the Classroom
  • Deepen your Knowledge of Google for Education.
This program is designed to help you get the on-demand support and training you need to become a Certified Trainer.  In addition to your trainer credential, you can also gain Membership Benefits, Ongoing PD, and access to product launches.

Check out the new trainer page and the Google EDU Blog for more information!

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