Creating a Rubric Using Google Forms and Autocrat 3.0

One of my favorite Add Ons for Google Sheets is Autocrat.  Recently, New Visions Cloud Lab released an update to Autocrat – Version 3.0.  With this new version, users get a slick, easy to use interface, along with a few new features.  

As this new update is rolled out, I recently updated my tutorial on Autocrat to show how to use Forms, Sheets, and Autocrat to create a Rubric for grading Oral Presentations.

In the past, when grading student projects or presentations, I had paper copies of my rubric scoring sheet clipped to a clipboard, and I would score each presentation, handing students their copy at the end of class.  However, this meant that I either had to photocopy them so I had my own copy, or I had to fill it out twice.  

With Google Forms, Sheets, and Autocrat, creating a digital rubric means:

  • I can use a tablet or phone to fill out the rubric as students present.
  • I can provide students with immediate feedback via email.
  • I have a spreadsheet of all scores I can reference at any time.
  • I am paperless!
So without further ado, here is the tutorial on how to set up your own Rubric with Google and Autocrat.  Enjoy!

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