List-makers and Note-Takers Listen Up! Google Doc Navigation Now Made Easy!

Yesterday. Google released an update for Google Docs users that allows for easier navigation in longer documents.  Whether you have applied Headers to your document or not, the intelligent design of this tool will recognize breaks in your document to make for easier searching and navigation.  

If you don’t notice this feature already, you can turn it on by clicking on the Tools Menu and selecting Document Outline.  This feature is also available on Google Docs for Android.

So for Google users who use Docs to create large documents, lessons, or outlines, this feature is a huge time-saver.  As a result, this tool means that study time for students is more efficient, as they can quickly and easily jump to any topic they need to review.  

Much like a web-quest, teachers can also create Choose Your Own Adventure stories that utilize the features of the document outline.  For example, as students complete a passage, they could be given a choice to go on to one of two passages, which they could quickly jump to using the document outline.

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