Publish Your Docs for Use on eReaders

So how many teachers out there would like to publish their lessons or documents so that students could read them on their mobile device just like a book?  I’m thinking quite a few!  If that is the case with you, Google just took the guesswork out of publishing for you.

Today’s Google Apps Update allows Google Docs users to publish docs as an ePub file format.  What does this mean?  ePub files (short for electronic publication) are an e-book file format (*.epub) that can be read on apps such as Play Books (Google), Kindle (amazon ereader), the iBooks app for iOS , and many others.  

For teachers, this a huge advantage, as they can develop classroom materials that students can download to their mobile device, tablet, or laptop for easier access.

To take advantage of this feature, go to the file menu of Google Docs, choose Download As, and then select EPUB.  Your document will be downloaded as an epub file that you can then make available to students on your website.  

So for teachers that are looking to extend the walls of their classroom, the possibilities are endless.  You can make content available for kids such as packets, short publications, textbooks, or compilations of short stories.  While many districts are looking for ways to satisfy tighter budgets, this is a great time to look at developing your own textbook.  Just make sure you obey copyright laws!  

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