#edcamp918 Session Notes: Chrome Apps and Extensions

Today I led a session on Chrome Apps and Extensions.  These are the notes that were taken and shared in that session.  Enjoy!

Video Tutorials at http://www.techycoach.com


  • goo.gl: URL Shortener
  • Crafty Text: creates banners on screen
  • Tab Resize: create multiple screens automatically
  • Snagit: (TechSmith): screenshot that can be resized, saved into Google Drive
  • Clipular – similar to snagit but doesn’t save image to your computer (you can download if you want), it saves it to your clipular account and then you can easily drag and drop into whatever you’re working on
  • OneTab: reduces an entire set of tabs to one web address to share with students (then shorten to share)
  • Keep Awake: keeps the screen on for as long as you set it
  • Black Menu: click on extension icon and menu pops up with lots of google tools
  • Google Tone: broadcast a web address to other computers in the room (that have tone installed) to give them a notification and one click there
  • Share to Classroom: automatically shares the website you’re on to your google classroom


  • Socrative: Quick assessment tool
  • Remind: a super easy way to stay in touch with your students/parents

Additional Tips

  • To right click on chromebook, just press with 2 fingers
  • Go incognito mode to test things to see what it looks like if you’re not logged in to you

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