Google Tone and the Chromebook Classroom

For all the teachers out there in a 1:1 environment using Chromebooks, have I got a deal for you!  If you’ve ever had a URL link that you wanted to share with your class and you dread reading it out loud for kids to enter into their device, you’ve got to try Google Tone.  

Google Tone is a Chrome Extension that you can use to share URL Links by an audible tone.  Here’s how it works.  

  1. First, both computers (sending and receiving) must have Google Tone installed as an extension on the Chrome Browser. 
  2. Next, visit any website that you want to share with you students.
  3. Click the Google Tone icon on your browser.
  4. An audible tone will sound that can be received by your students’ Chromebooks.
  5. Students will be prompted by a popup message to visit the URL shared by your computer.
  6. Its that easy!
While  you certainly can provide a link to students by placing it on the board, adding it as an announcement on Google Classroom or as a link on a webpage, having the ability to share a link on the fly that students can quickly view is a definite must for any 1:1 classroom.

Try it out!
Need Help with Chrome Extensions?  Watch this video! 

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