QR Codes and Back to School

It’s a little soon to be talking about the first day of school, I guess, but a class I taught today got my mind going about back to school.  In a class on QR Codes, we were discussing the different ways that QR codes can be used in the classroom.  When you take into consideration that mobile devices can open up so many options for learning, QR codes seem an obvious pathway to providing tips, hints, or answers to frequently asked questions.  But as we talked it became evident that one clear cut solution for back to school is to provide a QR code for new students and parents.  That QR code could be a link to:

  • your syllabus
  • a supply list
  • an introductory video
  • a guided tour of the school/classroom
In order to create your own code and provide access to these and other pieces of information, you need to keep a few things in mind.  
First, where will you store your information?
  • Google Drive – Store documents and slideshows in your cloud based account.  Just make sure that in your sharing options you have set your document so that it can be viewed by anyone with the link.  Click Share and change “who has access” to “anyone with the link”.
  • YouTube – Any video that you create for tours or introductions to your parents and students can be stored on your YouTube channel.  Just copy the link to share.  
Second, how can you create your QR Code?  Make sure you copy your link from the item you want to link back to from your code, then go create a code on one of these sites.  
Third, before you post your QR code on your website or print it off and post on your classroom door, make sure you use a QR Code scanner to test your code:
Finally, make sure when you print off  your code or post it, you do the following:
  • Let users know what information is being shared (i.e., Syllabus, supply list, Meet the Teacher Video)
  • Provide users with a link to a QR Scanner if they don’t have one.
  • Print or post it large enough that it is easily seen and easy to scan.
Here’s an example of a QR Code linked to a Back to School Doc:
QR Code
When you create your code, post it on your door so that parents and students can scan it during schedule pick up or meet the teacher day prior to the start of school.  If you do this, you have the satisfaction of knowing that your students will have easy access to a supply list prior to the first day of school.  Plus, your parents will love you for getting this out of the way early!

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