Trouble finding resources? Look no further than Social Media!

While looking through twitter today I ran across this resource: Technology Resources For Teachers – This link provides a list of resource guides for several great current topics in educational technology. But while looking through it, the thought ran across my mind how social media has made gathering resources so much easier than just a few years ago.

Prior to Twitter and Facebook, the search on the Internet for resources was tough if you didn’t know where to look- even tougher before the advent of the Internet. But in the few short years since social media has taken hold (Facebook was born in 2004, Twitter was born in 2006) there have been several apps created to help in gathering resources.

Here is a short list of places to make your research easier:

Twitter – create an account and follow your favorite educational organizations. Search for others to follow by looking under educational hashtags – Hashtags from Cybraryman

Facebook– create an account on FB and do the same as above.

Hootsuite – download this app for your mobile device and access all your social media news feeds from one place.

Flipboard– follow your favorite topics from RSS feeds to social media. Create a magazine to archive your favorite articles and share it with others.

ScoopIt– similar to Flipboard, follow your favorite topics and sources. Create your own archive and share it.

Evernote – another app/service to gather your thoughts all in one place.

The great thing about all of these links is that their services are accessible from your mobile device. If you haven’t jumped into social media yet, then what better reason than to make your search for ideas and resources a little easier. Start today!

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