ISTE 2012

The ISTE 2012 Conference is coming up on June 24-27th. This year’s conference is in San Diego, CA. A few of us from our district will be attending. It is my hope and my goal to submit a few posts on this blog about what we see there. This year, there is a great deal of discussion regarding iPads, BYOD, Flipping, and Virtual Learning. I know there will be a lot to see and experience, so I’ll try to share as much as possible.

The past few years have been interesting as technology has taken a greater presence in education. Where in years past, the ability to use technology in the classroom greatly hinged on budgets, there are now more free options and WiFi in schools has given teachers the ability to serve students more as they bring their own devices to the classroom. This year’s ISTE workshops and topics will help to answer many of the questions I have about this and other issues regarding technology and education.

If you are interested in seeing what all the buzz is about, here is a link to the ISTE website.

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