iOS 6 for iPhone and iPad

Recently Apple released information at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2012, that it would be updating its iOS to version 6 in the Fall.  A few of the updates include tweaks to Siri, Maps, Facebook Integration, Safari, Phone, Email and FaceTime.  But the greatest update in terms of the field of education is Guided Access.

Guided Access will focus on schools who use iPads in the classroom and for high stakes testing.  This feature will allow teachers and administrators to limit use on the iPad to one app.  This setting ensures that students will remain on the task at hand, rather than venture into other territories when they should be focused on one app.  This works by disabling the Home button during app use. 

In addition to this, VoiceOver will be fully integrated into other areas such as Maps, Assistive Touch, and Zoom, which will allow visually impaired students greater access to content. 

This change in the iOS is huge in terms of helping teachers utilize iPads as an instrument of testing and review, as students are wholly focused on the content, rather than having the ability to wander off in other areas that would tempt them to use other resources to answer questions at a time when their knowledge of content is being tested.  As well, the other accessibility tools make this update more useful to special education students who require additional assistance when using computing devices. 

How does this change in the iOS affect you?  What are your thoughts on this change?  What other changes would you like to see Apple make in the iOS to benefit educators?  Add your thoughts in a reply to this post!

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