Create A Mastery Quiz with Google Forms

With Google Forms, users can create more than just Surveys. You can create a questionnaire, collect information from users, or create a quiz. In the case of a quiz, there may be times that you want to use it for mastery learning, professional development or for flipped instruction prior to covering new content.

Whatever your use, there are some features built in to Forms that make it easy. Specifically, when using Multiple Choice question types, there is a feature in the more menu called “Go To Section Based On Answer”. When enabled, you can choose to navigate to a specific section of your form based on the answer selected. When you use this with a Section Break in a Google Form, you can require users to get the right question every time, before moving on to the next question.

To see this in action and learn how to make your own Google Forms Mastery Quiz, watch the video below.

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