5 Fantastic Features of Google Meet – 2021

As you venture back to the classroom for Fall 2021, take a look at these features in Google Meet that you might have missed. Some are veteran features, and some may be new to you. In either case, you’ll also notice that there is a new look and feel to Google Meet. Take a look in the video below and in the tips after:

  1. New Backgrounds – Google Meet now offers blurred backgrounds, as well as some animated backgrounds. To take advantage of these background features, click the three dots in the menu at the bottom of your Meeting. Choose Change Background, and then select your options
  2. Virtual or In-Person – When meeting with others in a Google Meet that you have scheduled in Google Calendar, attendees now have the option of letting you know if they plan to meet in person on virtually. This requires that you add a Google Meet Video Conference, and a Room to your meeting. Once you do that and invite others to the meeting they will see a drop-down option in the Yes response allowing them to choose.
  3. Raise Your Hand – Attendees can also Raise a Hand during the meeting to get your attention. To do this, click the Hand icon in the Google Meet toolbar at the bottom.
  4. See What You Present – Previously when you presented your screen in Google Meet, you could not see what you were presenting alongside the participants. That has all changed. Now when you present to the meeting, you can click on your Meet tab and see the screen or tab you are presenting as well as the attendees, side by side.
  5. Add a Whiteboard – This is not a new one, but a great one. In Google Meet, if you need to annotate and interact with your students, add a whiteboard. To do this, click the three dots in your toolbar. Choose Add a Whiteboard. A Jamboard will be created that can be presented to the meeting. To share with your participants, click the Share button in your Jamboard and make sure the link is set to Anyone with the Link – Can Edit. This will let your students interact with the lesson.

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