Creating A Bitmoji Classroom

Creating a Bitmoji classroom has been extremely popular lately, so I decided to share a “How-to” video on creating one, as well as best practices when using this interactive tool on Google Classroom. Watch the video by clicking on the image below, and then read further for best practices.

Best Practices / What do I need?

  • Bitmoji Avatar
  • Google Slides
    • Create your Bitmoji Classroom in Google Slides
      • Add a floor and walls for the background
      • Add in miscellaneous images to create a “classroom atmosphere”
      • Add links and your Bitmoji
        • Think in terms of common resources your kids need daily
        • Add agenda items for class
  • Google Classroom
    • Publish your slideshow (In Google Slides go to File>Publish to the web) to create a full screen view allowing students to see and click on interactive links
      • Add to the Classwork menu as a Material post so kids can access
    • Make a copy of your Bitmoji Classroom and convert to 800 x 200 pixels to make a Classroom Banner for the Stream menu

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