Awesome Changes to Google Sheets You Need to See Right Now!

Yesterday, Google announced some great new changes to Google Sheets that will make editing easier.  Take a look:

Remove Duplicates

When importing data into a sheet, sometimes you have the need to manipulate the data and remove duplicate information.  To Remove Duplicates:

  1. Highlight the columns for which you wish to remove duplicates
  2. Click on the Data menu
  3. Choose Remove Duplicates
  4. If you have headers, select “Data has header row”
  5. Select columns to be affected
  6. Click “Remove Duplicates”

Remove Duplicates

Insert Image In Cell

Google has also added the ability to insert an image in a cell, which can be a good thing if you are creating an inventory sheet and need to include images of inventory items.  To do this:

  1.  Select a cell
  2. Click Insert
  3. Choose Image>Image In Cell
  4. Select Upload and choose the image
  5. After your image has been uploaded to your cell, you can resize the row and column to adjust your image

insert image in cell

Trim Whitespace

While this is a new addition, I have yet to see it appear on my Google Sheets menu.  However, Google recently added the ability to Trim Whitespace.  sometimes when importing data from one sheet or source to another, you end up with meaningless, but frustrating spaces before or after a data value.  It can be extremely tedious to go back and delete or backspace over these spaces.

According to their blog, Trim Whitespace will allow you to remove any leading or trailing whitespace in a data set simply by highlighting the range of data and choosing Trim Whitespace from the Data menu.  Look for this one to appear very soon.

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