Google Forms Lockdown Mode

In December 2018, Google allowed districts to take part in Beta-testing for the Locked Mode Quiz feature in Google Forms.¬† As the testing period comes to a close on this feature, and we get closer to a wider release date for all GSuite users, take a look at this tutorial to see what’s to come.

Learn the basics of setting up a Locked Mode Quiz on Google Forms and Google Classroom. Gain perspective on what students see during locked quizzes.

To enable Locked Mode in a Google Form

  1.  Create a Google Form Quiz at
  2. Click on the Gear at the top right of your form.
  3. Choose the Quizzes menu
  4. Choose “Make this a quiz”
  5. Choose “Turn on Locked Mode”
  6. Click Save
  7. Edit questions, answers, etc…
  8. When ready, send your form to students using the Send button.

Set Up Locked Mode in Google Classroom Quizzes

  1. Open a Google Classroom Course
  2. Click on Classwork
  3. Click the Create button
  4. Choose Quiz Assignment
  5. Google Classroom will create a Quiz Assignment with a Blank Quiz attached
  6. Enable the “Locked Mode on Chromebooks” option
  7. Open your quiz and edit questions, answers, etc…
  8. Click Assign


  • Only students logged in to managed Chromebooks will be able to access your quiz.
  • When students click Start Quiz, they will enter Kiosk mode, and will no longer have access to open new tabs in Chrome
  • If a student chooses Close Quiz, you will receive a notification that a student tried to close the quiz before attempting answers.
    • This feature allows you to see if students are “mining” quizzes for questions so they can look up answers before re-opening the quiz later.




  1. Is there a way to have questions and answer choices read aloud? This would be beneficial to students with learning plans that require info to be read aloud.


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