Update for Google Sites Users

There’s a lot going on right now for Google Sites Users.  If you haven’t been watching over the past few years, Google has been hard at work on updating Google Sites.

For a quick look at the new google sites, check out this tutorial!

During that time, Classic Google Sites has evolved into New Google Sites.  While both Classic and New Sites have been available to users during this transition, there will be a point at which Google retires Classic Sites.

For a full comparison of features between Classic Sites and New Google Sites, see this article.

To help with the transition, Google has worked on a gradual release of a conversion tool so that Classic Sites users can convert their site to the New Google Sites format.  Please note that this conversion tool is only available for Consumer Users at this time, and will soon be released to GSuite for Education and Google for Business users.

  1.  Go to http://sites.google.com
  2. Choose the site you wish to convert
  3. “Convert Your Site to the New Google Sites – Try It Now” will appear if your site qualifies for conversion.
  4. Click the Try It Now link.
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen and click Start.
  6. Review your new site.
  7. Edit and Publish when ready.

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