Google Drawings – My Super Power!

This weekend, I attended the #EdTechTeam SW Missouri Google Summit.  Out of three workshops I prepared for the weekend, one was not scheduled.  So, rather than let all that prep time go to waste, I thought I would share my presentation and lessons with you.

The workshop focuses on Google Drawings.  I know I have written about Google Drawings before, but I can’t stress enough how much I rely on and love Google Drawings.  So much so, that I use it to make lesson samples, clip art,  banners, website headers, and featured images for my articles.

So here are the tips I have to share.  Take a look at my slideshow, and download a few lesson samples so you can see how I use Google Drawings.
Google Drawings – Plant Labeling Lesson

Vend-A-Topic – If you haven’t ready my previous article on this, take a look.  I created a vending machine background on Google Drawings, and then put it in Google Slides to create an interactive learning tool.

Labeling Activities – Use Shapes as boxes for students to label parts of a diagram.  Make sure to provide instructions to “double-click” in the box to type.

Drag and Drop Sorting Activities – Google

Drawings is a perfect tool for drag and drop learning.  Create your own clip art from shapes, or insert images from a Google Safe Search.  Take a look at the sample at right.

Create Infographics – Use Google Drawings to create an infographic about a specific topics.  Get students involved by having them create informational signs about Novels,
TechyCoach Infographic

Movies, Science Topics, Social Studies events or Problem-Solving and Theorems in Math.

But wait!  There’s more.  Take a look at the slideshow from my presentation below.  If you have your own tips, share them in the comments section on this article.  Enjoy!

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