Google Drawings – My Super Power!

This weekend, I attended the #EdTechTeam SW Missouri Google Summit.  Out of three workshops I prepared for the weekend, one was not scheduled.  So, rather than let all that prep time go to waste, I thought I would share my presentation and lessons with you.

The workshop focuses on Google Drawings.  I know I have written about Google Drawings before, but I can’t stress enough how much I rely on and love Google Drawings.  So much so, that I use it to make lesson samples, clip art,  banners, website headers, and featured images for my articles.

So here are the tips I have to share.  Take a look at my slideshow, and download a few lesson samples so you can see how I use Google Drawings.
Google Drawings – Plant Labeling Lesson

Vend-A-Topic – If you haven’t ready my previous article on this, take a look.  I created a vending machine background on Google Drawings, and then put it in Google Slides to create an interactive learning tool.

Labeling Activities – Use Shapes as boxes for students to label parts of a diagram.  Make sure to provide instructions to “double-click” in the box to type.

Drag and Drop Sorting Activities – Google

Drawings is a perfect tool for drag and drop learning.  Create your own clip art from shapes, or insert images from a Google Safe Search.  Take a look at the sample at right.

Create Infographics – Use Google Drawings to create an infographic about a specific topics.  Get students involved by having them create informational signs about Novels,
TechyCoach Infographic

Movies, Science Topics, Social Studies events or Problem-Solving and Theorems in Math.

But wait!  There’s more.  Take a look at the slideshow from my presentation below.  If you have your own tips, share them in the comments section on this article.  Enjoy!


  1. Hi there! I have a problem that I wonder if you can help with. I created a Google Drawing with invisible hyperlinks for a digital breakout. When I put the drawing into the new Google Sites, a hand tool doesn’t show up where the links are (while in preview mode). Do you know what I might be doing wrong? Thank you!


    • Links may not work in preview mode, but what you also need to remember is that the drawing’s sharing settings must be set so that “anyone with the link can view”


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