Untitled drawing

New Image Options

Very recently, Google made an update to Docs, Slides and Drawings affecting images inserted into documents.  Now, when you click Insert>Image, you no longer get the large pop-up window you are used to seeing.  Rather, you will see a smaller pop-out menu, from which you can choose your image source.  As shown at the right, you can see this same menu appears when you right-click and choose Replace Image.

Untitled drawing (2)

Google Drawings Features

Additionally, When working in Google Drawings, users will experience new features for inserted images, which include Drop Shadow and Reflection.

Untitled drawing (3)

When you insert your image, choose  Format Options from your toolbar.  You will then see a menu on the right of your Google Drawing, from which you can choose these options, as well as Recolor and Adjustments.

For more information on these features, watch the tutorial below:

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