Make-Up Work, Google Slides & Google Sites

As teachers, we all know the inevitability that is make-up work. No matter how much you prepare, or provide assignments ahead of time, there will always be the student that misses class and needs access to make-up work.

PBS Digital Innovator, Jared Morgan shared this tip with me at a Google Educator Level 1 Bootcamp this weekend.  Instead of spending so much time on creating a make-up work folder, or constantly updating his site with make-up work, Jared uses Google Slides and Google Sites.

Here’s how it works.  Set up a Google Slide deck and set the sharing settings to Anyone With The Link – Can View.


After you have your slide show setup and your sharing settings ready, go to Google Sites.  Choose the Insert>Slides.  Navigate to the slideshow you just created and click Insert.  After your slideshow appears on your page, click Publish.

insert sites.gif

Each day that passes in your classroom, add a slide to the deck that outlines lessons / instruction / projects scheduled for class that day.  By the end of the semester / year, you have a slide deck that covers everything you have completed in your syllabus schedule.  Students who miss your class can refer to the slide deck on your Google Site.

Slide deck

That’s it!  From there, your students and parents can visit your website anytime they want to see make-up work for your class.  All you need to do is add a new slide to your deck for each day of make-up work – no need to re-publish your Site each time!  It’s all taken care of.


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