Google Apps Script – Create an Email Button in Google Sheets

As part of my job, I work with students who take courses online with our school.  As a result, many students are working from home or completing these courses on their own time, while meeting with us on a regular basis throughout the week.  To be efficient, and also maintain communication, we wanted to have a way to log regular student progress, while also communicating weekly progress to parents and counselors.

This could have easily been accomplished by creating a Google Form, with a place to enter:

  • Student Name
  • Date of Meeting
  • Progress Comments

However, this would mean that every student entry would be entered in the same form, and likewise, would be logged in the same Google Response Sheet.  This simply would not work, as we wanted parents and students to have the ability to view long range progress and track performance.

This meant the creation of a Google Sheets Template that I would copy for each student, and then share or email to the parents and counselors each week.  

The problem this created was that, when meeting with students each week, much of my time was spent entering comments, grabbing the link to the document, going to Gmail, typing up a message, and then pasting the link into the email.  First World Problems, right?!?  Even with a Canned Response in Gmail, this still amounted to a lot of wasted time that could be spent counseling students.

In comes Google Apps Script.  Now I have a simple button on each Google Sheet that I can click after entering comments.  This button takes care of all the extra steps I used to spend as described above.  Watch this video to see what I mean.  Modify the process to create your own workflow and apply it to your own specific tasks.  Give me some feedback in the comments section and tell me how you are using this idea.


  1. Awesome tutorial. What sharing level do you have on the progress report? Does the teacher see the send email button, and can they click it?


    • Yes. The teacher will see the Send Email button if they create it or have editing rights. Sharing level on the progress report is whatever you set it to. Click the Share button on the report, and choose the advanced settings. Set the rights for the link to the desired level.


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