Tracking Student Progress and Attendance in Google Sheets

This week, a question to the Techy Coach asks how a coach or teacher might use Google Sheets to track student progress, as well as attendance.

From this I know that there are many times as educators that you want to log data regarding student performance.  Specifically you may want to track Reading Fluency or Cross Country/Run Times, while still having the ability to see a visual of their progress over time.  Google Sheets can help with this, as well as Attendance needs by using a few simple tools.  The video below will specifically cover:

  • Sparkline Charts
  • Data Validation
  • Conditional Formatting
Take a look and see how Google Sheets can help you with your club sponsor and coaching needs.  Design  your Google Sheet to fit your needs, then once you have your sheet setup, you can access it on a phone or tablet as you meet for practice or meetings.

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