Hangouts On Air, Google Hangouts and Google Duo

If you are just getting the hang of Google Hangouts and love Hangouts On Air, don’t get too attached.  Hangouts On Air will soon be replaced with YouTube Live.  The switch will take place on September 12th, and users who are accustomed to Hangouts On Air will still have access to their old recordings, but new “on air” videos will soon have a new home.  

This announcement was very quiet, but here are a few things to know as far as I can tell:

  • New instructions for creating a hangout on air can be found at this link.
  • Google Hangouts will still exist as a standalone and as a plugin focusing on business users.
  • Google Duo – a Video Call app for Android – will soon be released as competition to Facetime.

Stay tuned as more details will be released over time.

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