News That Google Sites Users Will Love!

Are you a faithful user of Google Sites?  Then you’ve probably heard those nasty rumors that have been floating around for a few years saying that Google Sites will eventually go away.  Like me, you’ve probably dismissed those stories and ignored them hoping that your beloved Google Sites would still be around for a while.  

Well…you were right!  According to news posted on the Google Apps Update Blog, Google Sites will soon get a makeover! Some of the upcoming features include:

  • A Drag and Drop Design Experience
  • Easier Access to Google Apps and Tools
  • Scale-able Themes and Layouts 

News is very limited at this time, as developments are still underway. Personally, I can’t wait to see the new updates.  If you are a Google for Work Administrator, and you’d like to apply to be an early adopter of the new Google Sites, check out the Google Blog Post here.  Stay Tuned…

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