Havin’ Fun with Conditional Formatting: Google Sheets & Punnett Squares

Sometimes in Science classes, the best way to get the point across to a student is by using an interactive activity.  There are many out there that exist, but how would you like to have your own that you create and that you can modify as needed?  

As a Biology teacher, I was always searching for interactive content to teach Punnett Squares and Mendelian Genetics.  In doing so this week for our Science Teachers, I put together an activity that yielded this video.  It utilizes Conditional Formatting in Google Sheets to add a bit of interactivity to help students understand the connection between Genotype and Phenotype.  

For the non-Science teacher, hopefully this video gives you some insight into how Conditional Formatting can be used in different ways.

For the Science teachers out there, if you’d like a copy of the activity, use this link.  

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